Do You Know What's In Your Energy Drink?

Energy drinks are all the rage right now. But not all energy drinks are created equal and it's important to know what's in yours. If possible it's always best to get your energy from natural sources. Many of the drinks on the market have ingredients that give you energy but also come with less desirable side effects. One popular ingredient in energy if you need bursts of energy it might be an indicator that your not getting enough nutrients from your diet.

Joining a New Gym? Ask This.

The gym is a second home to many, so what happens if you have to move? Joining a new one is a lot like buying a new car. It happens every few years. Sometimes you’re dealing with an unsavory salesperson, and hopefully there are no hidden fees that shock your pocket. At the end of the day, you are entitled to be happy with your purchase—or in this case, membership—so be a savvy consumer by asking these six questions: “What is the sign-up cost?” Most gyms advertise the monthly membership fee, but the sign-up cost isn’t necessarily posted. Often the sign-up cost is negotiable , so keep plugging away until you get a reasonable deal. If your salesperson doesn’t budge, ask to speak to a manager. The last thing a gym wants is for you to walk out without a contract—and if they let that happen, it’s not a good sign. Some will even offer to waive the entire sign-up cost if presented with documentation of a canceled membership from your former gym. “Can you show me the gym's

Running on Point: Tricks to Get Better Form on the Ground

Proper running form involves studying everything from arm swing phase, flexibility, stance, and foot strikes. Maintaining a proper form during your runs reduces the risk of injury caused by overuse, and also allows runners to increase speed. If you are looking to make your jogs a little more effective and prevent injury, check out a few ways you can look at and correct your form. The Foot Strike Reaching out with the foot with an over-stride creates an aggressive foot strike that sends an inordinate level of shock throughout the leg . Although being a runner that strikes on the various areas on the heel does not always negatively affect the stride, it is important that the foot lands in an appropriate position in relation to the rest of the body. The foot should land in a straight line under the body instead of in front of it, directly underneath the hips is ideal. Placing the foot right under hip during the run prevents the stretching and reaching that increases injury risk and a

Helps To Make Weight Loss on Your Own More Effective

It can be a struggle to lose weight, but fortunately there are many things you can do to increase your chances of reaching your goals. Below is a list of tips for making weight loss more effective and how to lose weight in a healthier and more structured way. Increase Your Fiber Intake Counting calories is not the only thing you should pay attention to in a new diet. You will also need to increase your fiber intake. Foods that are high in fiber are usually low in calories and you will naturally decrease your calorie intake if you consume more fiber-rich foods. Fiber-rich foods are also usually more filling. These foods require more chewing, which is why you feel fuller after you eat foods like these. Fruits, barley, beans, and oats are examples of foods that are filled with fiber. Perform High-Intensity Workouts You may not need to exercise more in order to lose weight. In fact, you can get more out of your work out if you perform high-intensity interval training. This is a me

Six Warning Signs of Arthritis and How to stop it in its Tracks

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the skeletal system and is considered part of aging, although there are several types such as rheumatoid and psoriatic that can strike anyone of any age. Signs to be aware of include joint and range of motion changes. Various treatments exist including naturopathic or pharmaceutical to alleviate symptoms. Here is a quick review of the top six signs with effective modalities to stop them in their tracks. Pain The most prevalent symptom for any type is joint pain. This comes in the form of throbbing or shooting episodes. It usually occurs upon after sleep or long periods of inactivity. The lack of movement is usually the culprit that causes arthritis pain  in this instance.  Swelling Swelling is caused in various ways including injury, arthritis, or other orthopedic conditions. With arthritis, fluid build-up will come and go for no reason. The fluid can be tested for a definitive diagnosis.  Stiffness Inability to move or bend joints

Heel or Toe: Running Tips to Help Perfect Your Stride

If you have been a runner for any length of time, you’ve likely been told that running longer distances isn’t natural and you’re going to ruin your knees. The theories presented in Christopher McDougall’s 2009 book  Born to Run show that running isn’t only natural, but our species survived precisely because of our ability to run longer distances, which most animals cannot.  If we are designed to run long distances then what is the best way to run in order to avoid an injury? And why do some runners seem to always be nursing a wound, while others run pain-free, mile after mile? The answer is found in your stride and the way your foot strikes the ground. Heel Strike vs Forefoot Strike Landing on your heel as you run has two detrimental effects. The first is, you are effectively putting on the brakes. If you’ve ever run down a steep hill, you’ll understand what I mean. The second is that it forces all the impact to travel through your skeletal structure, rather than being absorbed by y

Are Sea Vegetables Really More Nutritious?

The short answer is, yes!  Sea vegetables are far more nutritious than plants grown on land. The reason?  A lot of the nutrients that were once found in abundance in fruits and vegetables are now at lower levels due to over farming, among other things. This is one of the reasons we're overfed and undernourished as a society. Sea vegetables are different, they offer a broad range of vitamins and minerals. They are a fantastic source of B-vitamins, folate, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Sea Vegetables are also one of the best sources of natural iodine on the planet. The World Health Organization estimates that 2 billion people worldwide are deficient in iodine and considers this a serious health threat. So How Can You Get More Sea Vegetables in Your Diet?    There are recipes available with seaweed listed as a key ingredient and, although less common in western cultures, seaweed has been a staple on the dinner table in many Asian cultures for centuries.  Another more common